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Pajaro Middle School

Pajaro Valley Unified School District

  • Pajaro Middle School is piloting a new program for students without Internet access at home.  The school has about ten TMobile hotspot devices for loan.  Check outs are done at the library, and require students and parents to sign a contract.  If you are interested in borrowing one for home use, please inquire with the librarian.  The school judiciously decides which students are qualified to receive a device for long term use.  The devices are not available over the summer.


    Currently, the hotspots are allotted 2GB of data per month at 4G speeds.  This should be enough for homework use.  However, video streaming is discouraged since data usage over 2GB is throttled to 2G speeds, which is very slow.

    Having successfully piloted the GoGuardian web content filter for several months, Technology Services has now purchased and implemented GoGuardian as their primary web filtering program for all take-home Chromebooks.

    GoGuardian is a modern Internet content filter designed for the education market. It’s robust features help our Technology Services Department monitor and block harmful Internet content for students on District owned devices. There are hundreds of new websites created every day, and many of the traditional filtering services do not adjust quickly to this ever growing number of websites. Technology Services staff has access to advanced content analysis and detailed activity-tracking which allows Technology Services to inform sites of student browsing history when necessary. Sites are then able to help educate students on digital citizenship, which is becoming increasingly more important in the ever evolving digital world.







    This campus has active video monitoring and surveillance of all common areas.  


    Mission statement

    We are committed to creating an innovative and dynamic learning environment in which cooperation, respect, and effort are valued; care and support are nurtured; and academic achievement and growth is expected. It is our goal to educate and support all Pajaro Middle School students to reach their highest potential.